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SEO London are experts in Search Engine Optimisation and have been one of the leading players for over 10 years in London.

SEO London wanted to create a brand which highlighted their market position as they moved away from being an individual freelancer.

The chosen Content Management System was WordPress and they wanted this for it’s ease of use and ability to optimise it.

One of the biggest challenges with this project was the vast amount of content that SEO London wanted to display throughout the website.


We took a two fold approach here. The first task was to come up with a new brand for SEO. London that presented them as an established brand in a very competitive landscape.

They wanted a logo combined with a logomark and logotype and we wanted to keep this clean and simple. 

We used simple sans serif fonts for the logotype to achieve a clean, friendly and minimalist look. Based on the first round of feedback we focussed on including abstract logomarks and brought the logo to life in a mood board displaying colour schemes and digital and print elements to show the brand in its new market positioning. 

Once the brand and mood board was signed off, we got to work on High-Fidelity wireframes to show the user flow and how we would approach content-dense areas of the website. 

On sign off of the wireframes we built out the brand, focussing on the homepage in the first instance before implementing the new designs across all pages, on Desktop and Mobile.


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